New Reality

It’s been a while since I have created a post. I have been digesting the fact that I won’t be able to complete my last 2 hikes duo to my poor lung performance.  My Doctor said I can’t let my oxygen saturation go below 90%.  When training by climbing stairs my oxygen would get down … Continue reading New Reality


I Asked a Question and Got Scolded

I asked my Family Doctor about my heart rate and oxygen saturation will I’m walking stairs as part of my exercise routine to get ready for my next 2 Hikes for Dave’s Breathtaking Adventure, and when I told him what my oxygen and heart rate get to he looked at me and said NO MORE, … Continue reading I Asked a Question and Got Scolded


Cold evening but kept warm thanks to @liveoutthere for the Down Jacket. Kept dry in the rain  thanks to @arcteryxwestedmonton . Had a good sleep in my sleeping bag thanks to @valhallapureoutfitters . Thanks to @atmooutdoor for the backpack to carry all my items for this adventure.