I Won’t Be Able To Breath

One day I won’t be able to to things because I won’t have the breath to breathe due to this incurable lung disease, Pulmonary Fibrosis.

My list of things I can’t or won’t be able to do sounds like a “Bucket List.”

Hockey, Rollerblading, Racquet Ball, Swimming, Snorkeling, Running, Skiing, Skiing with Grand-kids, Golfing, Going to the Gym, Hiking, Walking, Going through the Mountains to visit one of my daughters to Ski and Hike, Going up a flight of Stairs, Mowing the Grass, Shoveling Snow (even thou I hate both of those things), Flying to Mexico for Vacation, Playing Catch with the Grand-kids.

Everything you do and take for granted breathing should be one of them.

I was unfortunate to receive this incurable lung disease that will eventually cause me to suffocate and my heart will stop.  Not something you want to have on you mind.

Please donate to find a cure so I might enjoy a longer life with my family.




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