Training on Hills

So yesterday I decided it was time for some hill training as I have only been walking on flat terrain even though each hike gets longer, now at 5 miles. Now around where I live there aren’t any hills, but I found a park in St. Albert, AB that had a long incline.  Well it turned out to be the equivalent of a 7 story building, or 70 feet, in vertical height and at about a 10 degree slope. I went up and down 7 times carrying a 25 pound backpack and it took me 40 minutes to do 1.2 miles. Now that might not seem very far to some, for a 66 year old heart, my heartbeat when I got the top each time was around 140 BPM and my Oxygen level was around 92 – 96. So 3 times a week I will be doing this little incline and adding distance each time and 3 times a week my hikes will get longer and longer, as of today I’m at 5 plus miles and will also add a 30 minute stop at the gym.

Only 37 days until my first hike at Ha Ling Peak overlooking Canmore, AB.

I’m looking for more donations for this Breathtaking Fundraiser.


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