Tis the Season for Dust

As I was out hiking the other day I noticed it’s that time of year where we are starting to get an abundance of irritants for our lungs such as snow mold, gravel dust, dry grass when cutting the grass, removing leaves from eaves-troughs, cleaning inside your car, cleaning your garage floor, general house spring cleaning, etc. If you have a lung disease or want to prevent a lung disease from dust, which is a big factor in IPF conditions, you need to wear a dust mask.

The best is a mask with a rating of N95 for dust with a exhalation valve, to help get rid of carbon dioxide when you breath out and before you take a breath in.

Recommended Style


If you are looking at a mask that is like a half mask and has 1 or 2 cartridges, these are not recommended, they are basically for chemicals.  To wear them properly you need to have a lung function test to see if you have the lung capability to inhale enough oxygen through the cartridges and you must also be fit-tested so there are no leaks to let in the chemical odor or dust.

Not Recommended


For smoke from fires it is recommended you stay indoors because the dust mask will not stop the small smoke particles from getting through the mask.

Otherwise enjoy spring and remember if you are considering to make a donation please do so and spread the word to others to donate to my hiking fundraiser for PF & IPF.


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