Exercise for PF

Exercise is very important for people with Pulmonary Fibrosis to keep the muscles strong and use oxygen more efficiently and to give the lungs some aerobic training which again is to help your lungs use as much oxygen as it can and to help keep the size of your lungs as large as possible.

This is my daily excersizes to get get ready for training for my 3 mountain hikes this summer.  When the snow is gone I will be also be walking hills, climbing stairs, and walking distance with a 35 pound backpack to get used to the weight.

The following is my current daily exercise routine:

Monday to Saturday
Treadmill – Slow / Fast Walk – 21 minutes
Abs – 7 minutes

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Upper Body – Cable x 3 Times – 15 minutes
Upper Body – Dumbbells x 3 Times – 32 minutes
Mon, Wed, Fri total time each day = 75 minutes

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Lower Body x 3 Times – 20 minutes
Stationary Bike – 20 minutes
Tue, Thu, Sat total time each day = 68 minutes

My form is not correct in some of the exercises as we were rushing through the exercises 1 time to make this a short video.



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